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Boston Tea Party Quiz

  • What is Boston Tea Party ? = Political protest by the Sons of Liberty
  • When was the Boston Tea Party ? = December 16,  1773
  • Who led Boston Tea Party ? = Samuel Adams
  • Where did Boston Tea Party happen ? = Boston Harbor
  • What did the colonists do ? = They dressed up as Native Americans, went aboard the British ships and poured out the tea into the Boston Harbor. (342 chests tea valued at $75,000 into the water)
  • Why did it occur ? = Because the colonists did not want to have to pay taxes on the British tea.
  • Why did the British put a tax on tea ? = To show the colonists that the British were in control.
  • How did the colonists feel about tea ? = It was their favorite drink in the colonies. 

Boston Tea Party Painting

Tea Act 1773

Boston Tea Party - Samuel Adams

Boston Tea Party - Sons of Liberty

Boston Tea Party





Pearl Harbor : History Quiz – Map – Timeline

How well do you know the attack on Pearl Harbor ?

Pearl Harbor Bombing

  1. Who attacked Pearl Harbor ? = Japanese Nazi Allianc
  2. When did pearl harbor bombing happen ? = December 7, 1941
  3. Where is Pearl Harbor located in Hawaii ? = Oahu
  4. How many planes were destroyed in the attack for the Americans and Japanese ? = 217
  5. What was the code name for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ? = Operation Hawaii
  6. Who was the U.S. President during the Pearl Harbor attacks ? = Franklin D. Roosevelt
  7. Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor ? =

Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Attack Newspapers

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Timeline

Pearl Harbor Aerial View

Pearl_Harbor_Final.qxd:Layout 1

Map of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7th, 1941 showing position of US ships in harbor

Pearl Harbor Historic Sites

Pearl Harbor Historical Site

Where is the Oldest Castle in the World ?

 Windsor Castle, United Kingdom

  • Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest castle in the world and has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. It is an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen.
  • William the Conqueror began building at Windsor around 1070, and 16 years later his castle was complete.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Fact Sheet

Windsor Castle Garden

Windsor Castle Map

Who Lived at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle History Facts

Winsdor Castle Hall

Windsor Castle - St.-George's Hall

Windsor Castle - Throne Room

Windsor Castle - Crimson Room

Windsor Castle Library

Windsor Castle - Red Hall

Windsor Castle - Bird's Eye View

Windsor Castle and Landscape