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What Your Laugh Reveals About Your Personality


What Your Laugh Reveals About Your Personality

Types of Laughs – Which one are you ?



The Cackle

It takes a very confident person to let out a cackle.

Because this laugh is loud in nature, often louder than any other form of laughter, the person cackling doesn’t mind drawing attention to him or herself.



–  The Giggle

Giggling is known to be a way of suppressing laughter in an effort to be polite.

People who giggle are troublemakers who don’t actually go through with the trouble — they’d rather watch someone else do it!



The Guffaw

The guffaw is a very social laugh, pointing to an extroverted person as the source of the loud, fun sound.

This form of laughter can be contagious — so keep laughing guffawers !



The Silent Laugh

A person who laughs without making any sound is humble and introverted.

They don’t want to draw any attention to themselves, so they make as little sound as possible.



The Snicker

Snickers are thought to be witty people who find humor in most things.

Instead of all-out laughing at everything, they let out a little snicker to acknowledge the humor.



The Snort

A snort is the sound someone makes when they’re suppressing their laughter in some way.

When someone snorts, it points to a modest, introverted person because they’re making an effort to not laugh out loud.



The Wheeze

Someone who wheezes while she or he laughs is thought to be a funny person.

This laugh is too big to come out in full force, so it sneaks its way out in the form of a deep wheeze.