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What are the Causes of the French Revolution ?

13 Causes of French Revolution

French Revolution Causes

Causes of French Revolution




When was Saint Basil’s Cathedral built ?

1555 – 1561

Saint Basil’s Cathedralcommonly known as The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, in Moscow, Russia, was built by Ivan the Terrible from 1555-1561 and commemorates the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan. The building, now a museum, is officially known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat. I visited Moscow in November 2004. I saw Lenin’s body in the Mausoleum. It was beautiful city.

St Basil Cathedral and Sky in Moscow

St Basil at Night, Moscow, Russia

St Basil Cathedral Map


How Many Moai Statues are on Easter Island ? and Why were they built ?

887 Moai Statues

  • Moai Statues are massive megaliths at Easter Island, and these are what this island is famous for. The moais were built in approximately 1400 – 1650 A.D. by the natives of this island also known as Rapa Nui.
  • Moai statues were built to honor chieftain or other important people who had passed away. They were placed on rectangular stone platforms called ahu, which are tombs for the people that the statues represented.


Moai Statues

2780818_orig.jpg (1024×711)

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Easter Island Map