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Why are the Dead Buried Six Feet Under ?

  • It all started with the plague : The origins of “six feet under” come from a 1665 outbreak in England.
  • With 20 percent of London’s population succumbing to the Bubonic plague, the death rate had reached over 8,000 per week.
  • The disease continued to sweep the country due in part to the shallow graves that bodies were buried in.
  • The Lord Mayor of London literally laid down the law about how to deal with the bodies to avoid further infections. Among his specifications—made in “Orders Conceived and Published by the Lord Major and Aldermen of the City of London, Concerning the Infection of the Plague”—was that “all the graves shall be at least six feet deep.”

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15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer


  1. Get 95% of your food from plants
  2. Consume meat no more than twice a week
  3. Eat up to 3 ounces of fish daily
  4. Cut back on dairy
  5. Enjoy up to three eggs per week
  6. Add a half cup of cooked beans every day
  7. Switch to sourdough or whole-wheat
  8. Slash your sugar consumption
  9. Snack on two handfuls of nuts per day
  10. Stick with foods that are recognizable for what they are
  11. Up your water intake
  12. When you drink alcohol, make it red wine
  13. Drink tea
  14. Get your caffeine fix from coffee
  15. Perfect protein pairings


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