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Where does Impeachment originate ?


Where does Impeachment originate

The word “impeachment” derives from Old French empeechier from Latin word impedīre expressing the idea of catching or ensnaring by the ‘foot’ (pes, pedis), and has analogues in the modern French verb empêcher (to prevent) and the modern English impede. Medieval popular etymology also associated it (wrongly) with derivations from the Latin impetere (to attack).

Beyond ancient Greek and Roman political systems, impeachment was first used in England. Specifically, the process was first used by the English “Good Parliament” against Baron Latimer in the second half of the 14th century. Following the British example, the constitutions of Virginia (1776), Massachusetts (1780) and other states thereafter adopted the impeachment mechanism, but they restricted the punishment to removal of the official from office.

8 Reasons to Impeach


8 Reasons to Impeach


1 – Abuse of Power

2 – Domestic Emoluments Clause

3 – Foreign Emoluments Clause

4 – Inciting Violence

5 – Obstruction of Justice

6 – Unfaithfully Executing Laws

7 – Violating the First and Fourteenth Amendments

8- Witness Intimidation


Impeachment Clause