34 Wonderfully Wise Jewish Sayings

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1 – Life’s not as good with money as it is bad without it.

2 – Adam was the first lucky man as he had no mother-in-law.

3 – If a problem can be solved with money, then it’s not a problem but a cost.

4 – God gave man two ears and one mouth, so listen more and talk less.

5 – May God protect you from bad people, and save yourself from good ones!

6 – Any Jew knows what’s better.

7 – God cannot be everywhere at once, that’s why He created mothers.

8 – Be not sweet, or else you’ll be eaten. Be not bitter, or else you’ll be spat out.

9 – Fear a goat in front of you, a horse behind you, and a fool all around.

10 – A guest and a fish start reeking on the third day.

11 – Knowledge does not take much space.

12 – Better a Jew without a beard than a beard without a Jew.

13 – A man should live at least for curiosity.

14 – A deaf man heard a dumb man recount that a blind man saw a lame one run very fast.

15 – God protect the poor — at least from expensive sins.

16 – If charity was worth nothing, everyone would be philanthropists.

17 – When an old maiden marries, she becomes a young wife.

18 – Parents teach their children to talk; children teach their parents silence.

19 – All people are good from afar.

20 – Eggs may be much cleverer than chickens, but they go rotten too quickly.

21 – Keeping good silence is harder than talking good.

22 – A bad partner is worse than rain — the latter makes you go home, while the former makes you go outside.

23 – The world will not disappear because there are many people, but because there are too many non-people.

24 – God help me rise to my feet; a fall is what I can do myself.

25 – If life doesn’t change for the better, wait, and it will change for the worse.

26 – However sweet love may be, you can’t make a stew out of it.

27 – When people have nothing to do, they take up great deeds.

28 – Choosing between two evils, a pessimist picks both.

29 – Everyone complains about a lack of money, but none complain about a lack of brains.

30 – Who doesn’t have children brings them up best.

31 – It’s better to die of laughter than of fear.

32 – Experience is the word people use to call their mistakes.

33 – Being gray of hair means you’re simply old, not wise.

34 – Growing old, man’s sight worsens, but this allows him to see more.

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