Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour

Versailles, from Louis XIII to the French Revolution

Palace of Versailles


Palace of Versailles, Paris, France

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles, Paris, France



9 thoughts on “Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour

      1. smarttoughmom Post author

        I am not comfortable to live in the luxury mansion and eat the expensive food, It is not for me. Do you know Queen Elizabeth of England got money from tax payers to renovate her palace? It is crazy.

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      2. houstonphotojourney

        Guess it’s the same with us paying for the White House, etc. I mean I guess I’m ok to have standard upkeep of a historical home or whatever but buying new stuff just because it’s new residence want different china etc that I think is nonsense!

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      3. houstonphotojourney

        Good Lord I ask that same question all the time!! I’ve done collections for Toys for Tots and other stuff in the past and it seems the first people to give are always those I know probably could use help themselves! I joke all the time if I won the lottery ever I’d be happy and broke in 3 months because it would be difficult for me not to try to help as many people as possible. God and karma have shown me time after time ya never regret doing the right thing in the morning!

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