43 Japanese Proverbs

Japanese Proverb - Vision without action is a daydream

1 – A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.

2 – A round egg can be made square according to how you cut it; words would be harsh according to how you speak them.

3 – Adversity is the foundation of virtue.

4 – An ant hole may collapse en embankment.

5 – Art is the illusion of spontaneity.

6 – Beginning is easy – Continuing is hard.

7 – Better to be a crystal and to be broken, than to be a tile upon the housetop.

8 – Darkness reigns at the foot of the lighthouse.

9 – Do you need proof of God ? Does one light a torch to see the sun ?

10 – Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why there is an eraser on every pencil.

11 – Fall down seven times, get up eight.

12 – Fortune will call at the smiling gate.

13 – Gossip about a person and his shadow will appear.

14 – If you make a mistake, don’t hesitate to correct it.

15 – If you understand everything, you must be misinformed.

16 – If you wait, there will come nectar – like fair weather.

17 – It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive disenchanted.

18 – It is the same life whether we spend it crying or laughing.

19 – Let what is past flow away downstream.

20 – Money grows on the tree of persistence.

21 – One cannot quarrel without an opponent.

one-who-smiles-rather-than-rages-is-always-the-stronger-fa20111591c77f4b29c53706dd457a51.jpg (800×405)

22 – One kind word can warm three winter months.

23 – One who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger.

24 – Proof rather than argument.

25 – Some people like to make of life a garden, and to walk only within its paths.

26 – Ten men, ten minds.

27 – The day you decide to do it is your lucky day.

28 – The inarticulate speak longest.

29 – The reverse side also has a reverse side.

30 – The tongue is but three inches long, yet it can kill a man six feet high.

31 – There are no national frontiers to learning.

32 – Time flies like an arrow.

33 – To endure what is unendurable is true endurance.

34 – Virtue is not knowing but doing.

35 – Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

36 – We are no more than candles burning in the wind.

37 – When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

38 – When you’re thirsty it’s too late to think about digging a well.

39 – Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.

40 – Wisdom and virtue are like the two wheels of a cart.

41 – With the first glass a man drinks wine, with the second glass the wine drinks the wine, with the third glass the wine drinks the man.

42 – Without oars, you cannot cross in a boat.

43 – You can know ten things by learning one.

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