21 Inspirational Russian Proverbs

Russian Proverb - A kind word is like a Spring Day

Inspirational Words of Wisdom

1 – A kind word is like a Spring day.

2 – A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words.

3 – A small leak will sink a great ship.

4 – Acknowledgement is half of correction.

5 – Do not make an elephant out of a fly.

6 – Every road has two directions.

7 – Every seed knows its time.

8 – Failure teaches you more than success.

9 –  Gossip needs no carriage.

10 – He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne.

11 – If everyone gives one thread, the poor man will have a shirt.

12 – If you don’t have time to do it right now your must have time to do it over.

13 – One does not wash one’s dirty linen in public.

14 – Praise loudly, blame softly.

15 – Success and rest don’t sleep together.

16 – Take time to smell the roses.

17 – Take the bull by the horns.

18 – The calmer you go, the further along you will be.

19 – You cannot break through a wall with your forehead.

20 – You don’t get something for nothing.

21 – Water does not run under a lying stone.

Russian Proverb - Every road has two directions





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