15 Surprising Health Benefits of Eggs


1 – Good Source of Nutrition : Eggs are nutritious and help in treating Vitamin A, B12, and Vitamin E deficiencies.

2 – Good Source of Protein : Eggs are loaded with high-quality proteins and essential amino acids.

3 – Good for Bones : Eggs are yet a good source of Vitamin D, which is often called as the sunshine vitamin.

4 – Good for Eyes : Eggs are a good source of nutrients. It contains antioxidants : zeaxanthin and lutein and they are helpful in promoting eye health.

5 – Reduces Cancer Risks : The whole egg is an amazing source of choline.

6 – Good for Brain, Heart and Nervous System : Choline is an essential nutrient found in the yolk and this nutrient helps in regulating brain, cardiovascular and nervous system.

7 – Good Sources of Fat : Eggs are known to have 1.5 grams of saturated fat. It contains trans fatty acids that are considered good for the heart.

8 – Good Source for Building Muscles : Eggs being a good source of proteins play a vital role in muscle building.

9 – For Healthy Nails and Hair : The presence of good amounts of sulphur-rich amino acids, minerals and vitamins help promote healthy nails and hair.

10 – Treats Iron Deficiency : Eggs help boost immunity and body’s metabolism.

11 – Boosts Your Mood : Being a rich source of vitamin B12, eggs help bust stress.

12 – For Healthy Skin : Eating an egg a day can lower the glycemic load of diet and helps clear acne.

13 – Rich Source of Omega 3 : Eggs are considered to be an abundant source of omega 3. They have the long chain of omega 3s and hence help in the development of vision and brain. They have great benefits for the blood vessels and heart as well.

14 – Rich in Antioxidants : Being an incredible source of antioxidants, eggs help in protecting the cellular damage.

 15 – Good For Weight Loss : The egg is considered as a satiety food.



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