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Are Bananas Radioactive ?


  • Bananas are slightly radioactive because they contain potassium-40 and potassium decays. Potassium is a necessary substance for healthy operation of your body.
  • Bananas are really a source of small radiation, but they are safe : you’ll have to eat approximately 5 million bananas to get radiation sickness.

Bananas are slightly Radioative

Banana Equivalent Dose

Bananas Radioactive

Banana Radiactive Chart

What is Uluru Ayers Rock made of ?


  • Uluru is a huge chunk of rock, known as a monolith, set the middle of Australia.
  • Uluru rock is composed of arkose, a coarse grained sandstone rich in the mineral feldspar. The sandy sediment, which hardened to form this arkose, was eroded from high mountains composed largely of granite.
  • The 300 million-year-old rock is comprised of sand, feldspar (various crystalline minerals) and rock, and originally hailed from a sea floor. A large chunk is above ground today (348m), and the flat top and grooved sides are a result of weathering. Uluru was discovered by William Gosse in the 1800s, who named it after the Chief Secretary to South Australia, Henry Ayers.
  • Uluru is the Aboriginal and official name. Ayers Rock is the most commonly used name, especially outside Australia.


  • The intriguing sculpted shapes, valleys and ridges, caves, potholes and plunge pools are the result of the last few hundreds of millions of years of erosion. The flaky surface is due to chemical decomposition.

Uluru description

Uluru - How Big is Uluru

Uluru Ayers Rock, Australia

Uluru Ayers Map

What is the Most Prestigious Award in the World ?

Nobel Prize

  • Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been honoring men and women from all corners of the globe for outstanding achievements in six areas (chemistry, economic science, literature, medicine, peace, and physics).
  • Alfred B. Nobel (1833–1896), the Swedish chemist and engineer who invented dynamite, left $9 million in his will to establish the Nobel Prizes in 1895.

Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel Timeline


Alfred Nobel Award

Nobel Peace Prize Winners