California Gold Rush Trivia

  • When was gold discovered in California ? = January 24, 1848
  • Who discovered gold ? = James Marshall found gold while working on the Sutter’s Mill.
  • Why were gold miners called “49ers” ? = Because they rushed to California in 1849.
  • Where was gold discovered ? = In the American River in Coloma
  • Who was the president of the U.S. in the Era of the Gold Rush ? = James K. Polk
  • What was another nickname for a gold miner ? = Sourdough
  • How was gold extracted ? = By panning
  • Who found gold and invented a jeans company ? = Levi Strauss
  • What was the common punishment for people who stole gold that was not theirs ? = They had their ears chopped off.


Sutter's Mill

California Gold Rush - How it all began...

James Marshall

John Sutter

California Godl Mining

Gold Miners

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