Where is the Hottest Place on Earth ?

El Azizia, Libya

  • Libya is the hottest country in the world with extreme hot temperature throughout the year. Libya is a country with a small population which is located in the Northern Africa. The highest temperature ever recorded was in Libya of 136.04°F (57.8°C). Most part of country consists of Libyan Desert which is dry and hot.
  • Satellites can get a reading on these hard-to-reach, harsh places because they can scan every piece of the Earth’s surface. The satellites take what is called “land skin temperature,” which tells the amount of heating of a certain parcel of ground from the sun, the atmosphere and other heat sources.

Desert Oasis, Libya

Top 10 Hottest Countries in the World

1 – Libya  —-  2 – Saudi Arabia  —-  3 – Iraq  —-  4 – Algeria  —-  5 – Iran  —-  6 – Oman  —- 7 – Sudan  —  8 – India  —-  9 – Somalia  —  10 – Mexico

Land Surface Temperature

Libya Map


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