How many constellations are there in the sky ? = 88

A constellation is a group of bright stars that make an imaginary shape like Pegasus the Winged Horse in the night sky. The names of 88 constellations came from the Ancient Middle Eastern, Greek and Roman cultures. They identified clusters of stars as gods, goddess, animals, and objects of their stories.

Top 10 Most Popular Constellations : Andromeda the Princess – Orion the Hunter – Sagittarius the Archer – Cassiopeia the Queen – Cancer the Carb – Taurus the Bull – Aquarius the Water Bearer – Gemini the Twins – Scorpius the Scorpion – Leo the Lion.

Sparkling Constellations above the Earth Constellations Names

Constellation Aquarius

Orion Constellation         Constellation Pegasus

Taurus Constellation


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